Course Introduction

Python is a versatile and powerful language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively. Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn for a beginner who has no prior experience in programming. If you are an aspiring engineer or a student who is looking for a career in software development, this course can help you to kick start your journey as a skilled software developer.

Course Objective

Our course, Core Python, is designed to gain the foundational understanding of the Python programming language and the only prerequisite to learn Python is your time and enthusiasm to learn a new computer programming language.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to understand the basic concepts of Python programming language, which can be a strong base to learn any programming language. You will be able to write Python scripts and design and program applications using Python.

Key Topics
  • Introduction to Python and Computer Programming.
  • Data types, variables, basic input-output operations, basic operators
  • Boolean Values, Conditional Execution, Loops.
  • Lists and List Processing, Logical and Bitwise Operations
  • Functions, tuples, dictionaries, and data processing
  • Modules, Packages and PIP
  • Strings, Methods, Exceptions
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Python File Handling
  • Database access
  • Tkinter GUI tool
Scope & Career Opportunities

Many companies who are hiring an entry level junior developer or a programmer expects their recruits to have good command in any programming language and Python is one of the easiest programming languages to achieve mastery at.

You can even set your career at a good pace if you can learn further technologies and frameworks related to Python. This course acts as a first step of your career ladder. There are many opportunities for employment and further learning after completion of this course.

After completing this you can proceed to any of the advanced sectors in Python, like Web development using frameworks like Django or Flask. Fields like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Language processing, Bioinformatics etc. are some of the areas where having a programming background in Python can help you to build a strong foundation.

Target Audience
Salary Range
Job Roles
  • Any Web Enthusiasts
  • Fresher/Professional
  • Software Developers
  • Academic students
  • Research scholars
  • System analysts
  • Maximum: 14 LPA
  • Medium: 7 LPA
  • Minimum: 3 LPA
  • Hike upto 40%
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Python Developer
  • Junior programmer
Assessment Pattern
  • Step-1: Go through the course curriculum & details
  • Step-2: Apply through Website
  • Step-3: Take mock test for level based personalized training
  • Step-4: Take regular classes & assessments
  • Step-5: Real time project
  • Step 6: Resume Building & Mock Interviews
  • Step-7: Internship 
  • Step-8: Placements

Course Features

Course Duration: 60 hours

Trainings led by Corporate Trainers

Online/Offline/Hybrid as per clients requirement

Guaranteed Placements & Mock Interviews

Free Personality Development & Spoken English Training

Free AI & Project Management Tool Training

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