Transforming your Imaginations into Innovations!!!

Vidya International Charitable Trust has a rich legacy, managing two successful Engineering Colleges. Our visionary leaders crafted a system to benefit all stakeholders in learning, innovation, and career development. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, we established a skill division affiliated with our engineering college. As this initiative expanded, students gained unique opportunities to work on live projects, sparking a passion for technology.

Over the years, VTDC has been integral to our software developments and academic technical operations. We actively undertake client projects, from website development to emerging technologies. Currently, we are revamping operations to include dynamic web development, AI & ML models, Odoo Development, ERP development, and digital marketing services. This expansion offers exciting opportunities for students in our training division to engage in live projects and internships with collaborators. Join us on this transformative journey.

As VTDC expands its consultancy services, we are well-equipped to offer live project services to both academic and non-academic institutions. Our capabilities include managing various academic and operational activities such as Question Paper generation, Campus/Office Automation, Accreditation processes (NAAC, NBA, etc.), OBE (Outcome Based Education), and Digital Marketing Services. With an exclusive and experienced hiring team, we are extending our services to provide hiring solutions for IT/Non-IT companies, colleges, and research centers.