Course Introduction

The ASP.Net course is tailored to empower students with comprehensive skills in web application development using Microsoft’s ASP.Net framework. The primary goal is to equip participants with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to design and build dynamic, data-driven web applications. Key concepts covered include ASP.Net MVC, web forms, authentication, and database connectivity through ADO.Net. The course emphasizes mastering the creation of interactive and responsive websites, utilizing server-side scripting and client-side technologies.

Upon completion, students will be confident in developing scalable and secure web applications, proficient in leveraging ASP.Net features for efficient data handling and user interface design. The curriculum also covers essential aspects of web security and deployment, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for roles as ASP.Net developers in diverse industry settings. Overall, participants will acquire a strong skill set in ASP.Net, poised for success in the dynamic field of web development.

Course Objective

The ASP.Net course aims to equip students with comprehensive skills in web application development using Microsoft’s ASP.Net framework. The primary goal is to enable participants to proficiently design, develop, and deploy dynamic web solutions. Key concepts covered include ASP.Net MVC architecture, web forms, data access using ADO.Net, and client-side scripting with JavaScript. Through hands-on projects, students will gain confidence in building responsive and interactive web applications.

Upon completion, participants will possess the skills to create robust, scalable websites, implement secure user authentication, and seamlessly connect to databases. The course also emphasizes best practices in web development, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for roles as ASP.Net developers. Overall, students will emerge with a strong foundation in ASP.Net, ready to contribute to the rapidly evolving landscape of web application development.

Key Topics

  • ASP.Net MVC (Model-View-Controller)
  • Web Forms
  • ADO.Net (Active Data Objects)
  • Client-Side Scripting with JavaScript
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • ASP.Net Core
  • Web Services (ASP.Net Web API)

Scope & Career opportunities

Completing the Basic ASP.Net course opens doors to entry-level roles as a web developer. With skills in web application development, you can pursue opportunities in various industries, contributing to the creation of interactive and user-friendly websites.

Assessment Pattern

  • Step-1: Go through the course curriculum & details
  • Step-2: Apply through Website
  • Step-3: Take mock test for level based personalized training
  • Step-4: Take regular classes & assessments
  • Step-5: Real time project
  • Step 6: Resume Building & Mock Interviews
  • Step-7: Internship 
  • Step-8: Placements

Course Features

Course Duration: 60 hours

Trainings led by Corporate Trainers

Online/Offline/Hybrid as per clients requirement

Guaranteed Placements & Mock Interviews

Free Personality Development & Spoken English Training

Free AI & Project Management Tool Training

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