Course Introduction

Java is one of the most in demand programming languages.The software industry is looking for talented software professionals to work on demanding software projects. The largest number of organizational applications and web applications are being developed in java and open source technologies. So, there is a great demand for training in Java. The Java training and placement course offered by many companies help engineers to get high paying jobs in the market.

Course Objective

A Job oriented course is a perfect platform to acquire a job after studies. Our job oriented software courses are intended for ongoing students who have completed their higher secondary course, Graduation or Post Graduation. Course duration will be three months.

Advanced Java Programming training course offers Java developers a set of advanced Java development skills, including generic, threads, reflection, annotations, and sokets. We help you to use the Reflection API for highly generic tasks, discovery, or code-generation, standard notes and develop custom notation to express meta-data in Java source files and communicate between processes using network socket.

Key Topics

  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Servlets and JSP (JavaServer Pages)
  • Hibernate Framework
  • Spring Framework
  • Java Messaging Service (JMS)
  • Web Services (RESTful and SOAP)
  • Concurrency and Multithreading

Scope & Career Opportunities

Many companies who are hiring an entry level junior developer or a programmer expects their recruits to have good command in any programming language and Python is one of the easiest programming languages to achieve mastery at.

You can even set your career at a good pace if you can learn further technologies and frameworks related to python. This course acts as a first step of your career ladder. There are many opportunities for employment and further learning after completion of this course.

Focuses on the key roles in Software Application and Enterprise Architecture.Develop a simple Application with extensive object oriented features.

Assessment Pattern

  • Step-1: Go through the course curriculum & details
  • Step-2: Apply through Website
  • Step-3: Take mock test for level based personalized training
  • Step-4: Take regular classes & assessments
  • Step-5: Real time project
  • Step 6: Resume Building & Mock Interviews
  • Step-7: Internship 
  • Step-8: Placements

Course Features

Course Duration: 120 hours

Trainings led by Corporate Trainers

Online/Offline/Hybrid as per clients requirement

Guaranteed Placements & Mock Interviews

Free Personality Development & Spoken English Training

Free AI & Project Management Tool Training

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